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Chinese Journal of Dental Research
Ausgabe 2/2012     17. Dez. 2012
17. Dez. 2012
Seiten: 83 - 163

Seite 89-97, PubMed:23509829, Sprache: Englisch
Expression of NMDA and Oestrogen Receptors by Trigeminal Ganglion Neurons that Innervate the Rat Temporalis Muscle
Wang, Mian Wei / Kumar, Ujendra / Dong, Xu Dong / Cairns, Brian E.
Seite 99-104, PubMed:23509830, Sprache: Englisch
Functional Evaluation of Mutations in the Tissue-Nonspecific Alkaline Phosphatase Gene
Zhu, Tao / Gan, Ye Hua / Liu, He
Seite 105-113, PubMed:23509831, Sprache: Englisch
Effects of Recasting on the Biocompatibility of a Ni-Cr Alloy
Zhang, Chang Yuan / Cheng, Hui / Lin, Dong Hong / Zheng, Ming / Özcan, Mutlu / Zhao, Wei / Yu, Hao
Seite 115-120, PubMed:23509832, Sprache: Englisch
Dental Plaque pH Recovery Effect of Arginine Bicarbonate Rinse In Vivo
Wang, Xiao Ling / Cheng, Chuo Yue / Peng, Dong / Wang, Bing / Gan, Ye Hua
Seite 121-127, PubMed:23509833, Sprache: Englisch
Changes of Four Proinflammatory Proteins in Whole Saliva during Experimental Gingivitis
Zhou, Min / Meng, Huan Xin / Zhao, Yi Bing / Chen, Zhi Bin
Seite 129-137, PubMed:23509834, Sprache: Englisch
An Internet Evaluation of Chinese Public Preferences for Asymmetrically Altered Incisor Angulations
Liu, Xiao Qiang / Chen, Li / Zhou, Jian Feng / Fan, Qin / Tan, Jian Guo
Seite 139-144, PubMed:23509835, Sprache: Englisch
Comparison of Skeletal Changes between Female Adolescents and Adults with Hyperdivergent Class II Division 1 Malocclusion after Orthodontic Treatment
Ding, Yun / Zhao, Jian Hui / Deng, Jin Rong / Wang, Xiu Jing
Seite 145-152, PubMed:23509836, Sprache: Englisch
Nano-sized 58S Bioactive Glass Enhances Proliferation and Osteogenic Genes Expression of Osteoblast-like Cells
Gong, Wei Yu / Dong, Yan Mei / Chen, Xiao Feng / Karabucak, Bekir
Seite 153-158, PubMed:23509837, Sprache: Englisch
Osteoblastoma of the Maxilla and Mandible: A Report of 2 Cases and Literature Review
Lin, Bo / Cai, Zhi Gang / Yu, Guang Yan / Jia, Ling Fei
Seite 159-163, PubMed:23509838, Sprache: Englisch
Severe Periodontitis in a Patient with Cyclic Neutropenia: A Case Report of Long-term Follow-up
Lu, Rui Fang / Meng, Huan Xin