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Chinese Journal of Dental Research
Ausgabe 1/2008     18. Juni 2008
18. Juni 2008
Seiten: 5 - 68

Seite 5, Sprache: Englisch
Chen, Xu
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Seite 7-13, Sprache: Englisch
Postnatal Stem Cell Sources for Tooth Regeneration
JIN, Yan / YU, Jin Hua / SHI, Jun Nan
Seite 14-19, Sprache: Englisch
Shh and Ptch Expression in Mouse Embryonic Craniofacial Development
Du, Juan / Fan, Zhi Peng / Ma, Xin / Wu, Yan / Liu, Shu Hong / Gao, Yuan Rong / Shen, Yan / Fan, Ming / Wang, Song Ling
Seite 20-24, Sprache: Englisch
Effect of Particulate Nanofillers on the Surface Microhardness of Glass-Fibre-Reinforced Filling Composite Resin
Garoushi, Sufyan / Yallittu, Pekka K. / Lassila, Lippo V. J.
Seite 25-29, Sprache: Englisch
Growth of the Mandible after Condylar Reconstruction by Autogenous Coronoid Process Graft in Goats
Zhu, Song Song / Hu, Jing / Li, Na / Wang, Da Zhang
Seite 30-35, Sprache: Englisch
Effects of Dental Care on Glycaemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes
Lo, Edward C. M. / Rong, Wen Sheng / Siu, Shing C. / Leung, Wai K.
Seite 36-41, Sprache: Englisch
A Retrospective Study on the Prevalence of Temporomandibular Disorders in 9,909 Chinese Subjects with Malocclusions Prior to Orthodontic Treatment
Sun, Zhi Peng / Zou, Bing Shuang / Zhao, Yan Ping / Ma, Xu Chen
Seite 42-46, Sprache: Englisch
Reconstruction with Extended Vertical Lower Trapezius Island Myocutaneous Flap for Total Glossectomy
Chen, Wei Liang / Qui, Fang Song / Wang, Ke / Huang, Zhi Quan / Yang Zhao Hui / Li, Jin Song
Seite 47-51, Sprache: Englisch
Oral Health Status of Undergraduate Dental Students Pursuing their Career at a Dental Institution in India
Mathur, Anmol / Jain, Manish / Kumar. Santhosh / Dagli, Rushabh J. / Prabu D. / Kulkarni, Suhas
Seite 52-55, Sprache: Englisch
Influence of Soft Drink on Salivary pH
Mojaver, Yalda Nozad / Javidi, Nader / Manshaee, Kiarash
Seite 56-64, Sprache: Englisch
Neurovascular Disturbance Associated with Implant Placement in the Anterior Mandible and its Surgical Implications: Literature Review including Report of a Case
Liang, Xin / Lambrichts, Ivo / Corpas, Livia / Politis, Constantinus / Vrielinck, Luc / Ma, Guo Wu / Jacobs, Reinhilde
Seite 65-68, Sprache: Englisch
Metastasis of Renal Cell Carcinoma to the Head and Neck: Report of Three Cases and Literature Review
Liu, Deng Gao / Ma, Xu Chen / Guo, Chuan Bin / Zhao, Fu Yun / Luo, Hai Yan