Chinese Journal of Dental Research
Issue 1/2013     8. July 2013
8. July 2013
Pages: 7 - 82

Page 7-12, PubMed:23878824
Saliva and Wound Healing
Brand, Henk S. / Veerman, Enno C.I.
Page 13-46, PubMed:23878825
Tight Junctions and Paracellular Fluid and Ion Transport in Salivary Glands
Zhang, Guo H. / Wu, Li Ling / Yu, Guang Yan
Page 47-53, PubMed:23878826
Apical and Root Canal Space Sealing Abilities of Resin and Glass Ionomer-Based Root Canal Obturation Systems
Royer, Kinga / Liu, Xue Jun / Zhu, Qiang / Malmstrom, Hans / Ren, Yan-Fang
Page 55-61, PubMed:23878827
Relation between Handling Characteristics and Application Time of Four Photo-polymerized Resin Composites
Roulet, Jean-Francois / Geraldeli, Saulo / Sensi, Luis / Özcan, Mutlu
Page 75-78, PubMed:23878830
Endodontic Treatments of Mandibular First Molar with Middle Mesial Canal: Two Case Reports
Lu, Qun / Wang, Ping / Yang, Bo / Liu, Xiao Jing / Wang, Shu Yong / Yu, Qing
Page 79-82, PubMed:23878831
Platelet-Rich Fibrin in Treatment of Periapical Lesions: a Novel Therapeutic Option
Shubhashini, N / Kumar, R Vinaya / Shija, A.S. / Razvi, Shuaib