Chinese Journal of Dental Research
Chinese Journal of Dental Research
Issue 1/2010     30. June 2010
30. June 2010
Pages: 5 - 75

Page 5
Yu, Guang-yan / Ma, Xu-Chen
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Page 7-15, PubMed:20936186
TGF-ß Signalling and Tooth Development
Huang, Xiao Feng / Chai, Yang
Page 17-22, PubMed:20936187
Sialendoscopy-based Diagnosis and Treatment of Salivary Ductal Obstructions
Liao, Gui Qing / Su, Yu Xiong / Zheng, Guang Sen / Liang, Li Zhong
Page 23-29, PubMed:20936188
A Systematic Review of the Uses of Fluoroscopy in Dentistry
Uzbelger Feldman, Daniel / Yang, Jie / Susin, Cristiano
Page 31-35, PubMed:20936189
Evaluation of Dental Root Fracture Using Cone-beam Computed Tomography
Wang, Pei / Yan, Xue Bing / Liu, Deng Gao / Zhang, Wan Lin / Zhang, Zu Yan / Ma, Xu Chen
Page 37-43, PubMed:20936190
Efficacy of Functional Training of the Facial Muscles for Treatment of Incomplete Peripheral Facial Nerve Injury
Cai, Zhi Gang / Shi, Xiao Jian / Lu, Xu Guang / Yang, Zhao Hui / Yu, Guang Yan
Page 45-49, PubMed:20936191
Involvement of Notch Signalling Pathway in Senescence of Human Dental Pulp Cells
Zou, Xiao Ying / Zhuang, Heng / Yue, Lin / Gao, Xue Jun
Page 51-55, PubMed:20936192
Progress of Oral Sequelae During Head-Neck Radiotherapy
Sun, Hui Bin / Gao, Xue Jun / Deng, Jing / Li, Ning Yi / Lu, Hai Jun
Page 57-60, PubMed:20936193
Prevalence of Traumatic Dental Injuries to Permanent Incisors Among 12-year-old School Children in Davangere, South India
Ravishankar, Telgi Lingesh / Kumar, Mohapatra Ashok / Ramesh, Nagrajappa / Chaitra, Telgi Ravishankar
Page 71-75, PubMed:20936196
Hyperplastic Dental Follicle - Review of Literature and Report of Two Cases in One Family
Sun, Chun Xiao / Ririe, Craig / Henkin, Jeffrey M.