Chinese Journal of Dental Research
Issue 2/2008     7. Jan. 2009
7. Jan. 2009
Pages: 77 - 141

Page 77
Zhang, Zhen Kang
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Page 84-90
Molecular Genetic Mechanisms of Congenitally Missing Teeth
Bian, Zhuan / Yin, Wei / Ye, Xiao Qian
Page 91-95
Guidelines for Dental Services at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
Yang, Xiao Jiang / Sun, Zheng / Liu, Hong Chen / Yi, Biao / Zheng, Dong Xiang / Hu, Min / Yue, Lin / Mandell, Charles / Ma, Xu Chen / Zhang, Zhen Kang
Page 96-100
Subjective Image Quality of Lateral Cephalometric Radiographs With and Without Application of a Prediction Model
Li, Gang / Verheij, Hans / van der Stelt, Paul / Speller, Robert / Griffiths, Jenny / Metaxas, Marionos / Royle, Gary / Psomadellis, Fotis / Turchetta, Renato / Fant, Andrea / Theodoridis, Sergios / Georgiou, Harris / Ostby, Joar / Schulerud, Helene
Page 101-107
3D Finite Element Study of En masse Retraction of Maxillary Anterior Teeth in Two Typical Force Directions
Zhang, Duan Qiang / Su, Jie Hua / Xu, Lin Yu / Zhong, Ping Ping
Page 108-114
Arch Expansion in Cleft Lip and Palate Children: a Comparison between Rapid Palatal Expansion and Quad Helix Expansion Appliances
Rub, Najeeb Abu / Samsudin, Ab Rani / Burhanuddin, Ahmad / Abdullah, Nizam
Page 120-124
A Simple Technique to Fabricate a Positioning Template for Portable Colorimeters
Yu, Hao / Hussain, Manal / Li, Qing / Matis, Bruce / Wang, Yi Ning
Page 125-129
Temperature Rise in Resin Composite Samples Polymerised with Different Curing Modes of LEDs
Knezevic, Alena / Tarle, Zrinka / Pichler, Goran / Ban, Ticijana / Mandic, Visnja Negovetic
Page 130-133
Congenital External Fistula of the Accessory Parotid Gland: a Case Report
He, Jin Quan / Zhang, Lei / Zhang, Yi / Yu, Guang Yan