Chinese Journal of Dental Research
Chin J Dent Res 20 (2017), No. 4     4. Dec. 2017
Chin J Dent Res 18 (2015), No. 4  (03.12.2015)

Page 213-216, doi:10.3290/j.cjdr.a35144, PubMed:26629553

Guidelines for Root Canal Therapy
Society of Cariology and Endodontology, Chinese Stomatological Association (CSA)
Root canal therapy is currently the main method to treat pulpal and periapical diseases. Root canal therapy consists of a series of complex procedures, requires specific equipments, instruments and materials, and should be performed by qualified stomatologists (clinicians). Complicated cases should be referred to endodontic specialists or the clinicians trained by intense endodontic courses. In 2004, the Society of Cariology and Endodontology of Chinese Stomatological Association (CSA) published the 'Practices and evaluation criteria of root canal therapy (Discussion Version)'. Since then, opinions and comments regarding the 'Discussion Version' have been widely circulated within the society. The final version of the guideline was based on systematic reviews of scientific literature and requirements for the edit of technical guidelines, through several rounds of discussions, revisions and supplements. The society recommends this guideline for stomatologists (clinicians) to use during endodontic treatment.