Chinese Journal of Dental Research
Chin J Dent Res 14 (2011), No. 1     15. June 2011
Chin J Dent Res 14 (2011), No. 1  (15.06.2011)

Page 59-66, PubMed:21734949

Clinical Evaluation of a Gingiva-coloured Material, Comp Natur: A 3-Year Longitudinal Study
Tagtekin, Dilek / Yanikoglu, Funda / Özyöney, Gürol / Noyan, Nuran / Hayran, Osman
Objective: To report on a three-year clinical evaluation of the gingiva-coloured compomer (Comp Natur, Voco, Germany).
Methods: Twelve patients with cervical lesions as a result of either gingival recession or worn root dentine were included in this study. In total, 106 restorations were evaluated by two examiners at baseline, 6-month and 3-year recalls.
Results: Ninety-nine restorations (99/106, 93.4%) were reported with having a good retention in the oral cavity at the 3-year recall. Ninety-two of the 99 restorations were evaluated as excellent for colour match. Marginal discoloration was slightly higher at the 3-year recall, while surface texture and anatomic form were significant. Marginal adaptation was not statistically important at the 3-year recall. There was no problem related to caries and postoperative sensitivity.
Conclusion: Comp Natur is an acceptable treatment choice for cervical defects with recessed gingiva.

Keywords: cervical defect, class 5, Comp Natur, compomer, gingival recession